Ask Samantha Taylor
"Damn right! i could go for that~" She moaned, her own mouth starting to salivate. "Fuck it. Let's just order a Mexican place out of everything and just gorge!~"

Samantha smiled gently. “Oh, man, that’d be so sweet! We’ll be stinkin’ up the place on day one!”

Karma laughed and nodded. "Come on, they finished moving all our stuff in there. Also, no holding back now!~"

"We oughta celebrate! I’m thinkin’ burritos, I LOOOOOOVE burritos, especially slathered in chili…" Her mouth began watering just thinking about it.

After around 6 months, the idea of a modern, palace like building for Karma and Samantha to stay and live in was complete. It was massive, large enough to house two... very, very obese girls when the time came. it was made for the purpose of housing the future Queens of Sloth and Gluttony. Karma, now around 580lbs was happy with this. "Yay!~ Sammy, we have our new home!"

Samantha laughed gently and nodded, herself around 640 pounds. “Yeah!” she exclaimed. “I can’t wait, this is gonna be SO AWESOME!”

"Maybe we should think about it before food arrives. What do you think would be the best thing to do?"

Samantha chuckled. “It’s a good idea, to be sure, but we gotta think about a plan for this. Perhaps instead of having our house CONVERTED like that we could get a castle BUILT nearby and just move into it.”

"Hence why I wanted to tell you as soon as possible!" She grinned.

Samantha chuckled, scritching her tummy. “Heehee, smart move,” she answered.

"Hehe~ So, my queen, think my idea is good?~" She cooed with a giggle.

"Very! But we’ll need to plan this out pretty good, it’s gonna take a while to make this happen."

"After we eat, will start our plan~"

Samantha giggled and nodded. “Yeah, I tend to think better on a full belly anyway.”

"Let's go for it! Become big, fat bitchy queens of slobbery and gluttony!" She giggled,

"Yeah!" Samantha said with a smirk. "Queens of the Slobs, that’s what we’ll be!"

"Yeah! I know but we should plan this and stuff, you know just in case and if we can get a lot of people to do this, it wouldn't take to long. maybe we should consider buying the other houses next-door to allow a bigger home. i don't know but you see what I'm coming from?" She giggled, patting her gut.

Samantha moaned and nodded, rubbing her belly. “It’s a possibility,” she said with a grin. “Ooh, you know what’d be awesome? If we could find a way to either make our house into or flat-out buy a castle, like that one up in Canterlot.”

"Well, I was just wondering if we should... plan on expanding the house... You know? I mean, this is just the beginning of our weight gain. We both have the funds for that sorta idea, don't we?"

Samantha tilted her head and smiled. She was happy that it wasn’t anything TOO serious and extremely happy that Karma was still supportive of their gaining. “Sounds like a plan…but at the same time, it’ll be a lot of work and we’d need some place to crash if we expand this place.”